Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder that results in patches of red and scaly skin, among other symptoms. Currently, there is no cure for it, only ways to help manage it. A recent study may have revealed a new way to treat psoriasis through diet.

The study examined over 3,500 people with psoriasis. Researchers examined their dietary habits. Particularly, their diets were compared to the Mediterranean diet. This diet heavily focuses on fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats and has been described as heart healthy. The psoriasis patients were divided into three groups. One group whose diets matched or were close to the standards of the Mediterranean diet, one group whose diets did not match at all, and another group who was in the middle.

Compared to the group whose diet was the least like the Mediterranean diet, the other two groups were less likely to have severe psoriasis symptoms. In one group, the difference was almost 30%.

This study does not prove cause and effect but does show a potential association. Further studies will need to be done to see if these results are replicable and to examine what exactly is causing the difference in symptom severity.

Source: Phan, Céline, et al. “Association Between Mediterranean Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Profile and Severity of Psoriasis.” JAMA Internal Medicine, American Medical Association, 25 July 2018,

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